jasmeen ventura


Jasmeen Ventura is an established Skincare specialist with 7 years of experience. 

She has assisted many professionals and enjoys a great reputation in this industry. 

Her passion has always been skincare,  with focus on stretch mark management, post operative massages (especially following liposuction). 

Jasmeen is thrilled to provide her treatments for our patients at the LF Aesthetics clinic in Sale. Having an international background she is able to provide a great service for our international clientele, as she speaks fluently English, Spanish and Italian. 

Her treatments are medical level evidence-based and result-driven. 

She says: “I choose only to work with the highest standard of medical-grade products and equipment. Safety and hygiene are paramount to myself as a practitioner and I pride myself on achieving excellent results for my patients”. 

Jasmeen’s treatments offer solutions to the majority of skin concerns and having a wealth of knowledge on medical-grade home skincare products makes her one of the best skin specialists in the Greater Manchester Area.